Getting ready for Monday’s class

We are going to have a great class Monday. It will be even better if you come prepared.

First, Mark Garfinkel, a staff photographer for the Boston Herald, will be joining us at 1:30 p.m. to talk about the ethics of photojournalism. Please be on time. In addition to the reading on the syllabus, you will want to spend a little time with his website, Picture Boston.

Second, a little later in the class we will have a brief virtual discussion with Paul Bass, the founder and editor of the New Haven Independent, about the ethics of whether to identify the names of people who are being questioned by police but who haven’t been charged with a crime.

What prompted my invitation to Bass was a decision by most Boston media not to identify a Rhode Island man who is being investigated for his possible role in the alleged terrorist plot that ended in the shooting death of a Boston man on Tuesday.

To prepare for our discussion, I want you to read two pieces. The first is a short commentary I wrote for WGBH News on Thursday. The second is an excerpt from my book “The Wired City.” Although I hope you will read the entire excerpt, please zero in on the last section: “On naming (and not naming) names.”

Please come prepared with questions for Garfinkel and Bass.


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