Policy on missing deadlines

I am going to incorporate this into the syllabus, but I also want to post it here so that you’re all aware of it.

You have four graded assignments this semester. If an assignment is due on a Thursday at 10 a.m., you will lose a third of a grade for each day that it is late. In other words, a B would become a B-minus until Friday at 10 a.m., after which it would become a C-plus until Saturday at 10 a.m., etc.

The only exception to this policy is if you have a really good excuse such as an illness serious enough to prevent you from working. I expect to be informed before the deadline, and depending on the circumstances, I may ask for documentation.

I expect ungraded blog posts to be up on time as well. Consistent lateness will figure into my assessment of your class participation.


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