The 11th element of journalism

In Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel’s classic work “The Elements of Journalism,” they list nine (later revised to 10) qualities that define good journalism. I asked you to come up with an 11th, and here are the results. These are great. Please take a look at what your classmates are saying.

11. Zeina Abu-Hijleh: “Educate the public…. It is the duty of the press to cover international news just as well and just as thoroughly as they do national news.”

11. Tom Culman: “Journalists must strive to recognize bias in all things, especially in their own opinions, and either strive to correct or acknowledge it.”

11. Sara Al Mheiri: “Journalists should not forgo significant news stories for redundant sensationalized stories.”

11. Monica Cole: “Journalism must cater to the tastes and preferences of its audience.”

11. Molly Dunn: “Journalism and its practitioners must be willing to evolve with time and technology.”

11. Mackenzie Nichols: “Journalists should strive for diversity in sources in order to access different angles of a story.”

11. Lamaan Gallal: “Avoid Balloon Blowing…. Balloon Blowing may cause journalists to look like Drama Queens.”

11. Diane Keusseoglou: “Empower your own society to learn, understand and act.”

11. Carly Metz: “Journalists need to look for complexity over objectivity in their reporting and storytelling.”

11. Ariana Aubuchon: “A journalist must be able to put aside his personal emotions regarding a story and keep in mind that the good of the truth as it is presented to the people is what matters to a journalistic stand point.”


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